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Getting better as a begetter

I've never been good with creating routines. There's always been some kind of mental block in my brain that held me back, a nagging feeling that it is all too easy to become a prisoner of your routine. A fear perhaps that life can pass by in a flash of tedious repetition if you allow yourself to slip into a pattern of prosaic. It's only recently that I'm starting to feel the difference between slipping into unwelcome drudgery and building healthy habits that benefit you. The current situation with the pandemic has put this into sharp focus.

I am discovering the power of routine in the opportunities it can create. My recent entry to the April 21 day challenge has really highlighted this to me. In attempting to commit myself to a daily routine of healthy eating and exercise the value has become more apparent, particularly after having a break from this since the middle of January. This is a routine that gives me boundless energy, mental clarity and a real driven focus. It provides such a sense of freedom, which quite frankly and the moment is something I think we all desperately need.

I think routine can be a trap if it's negative, but it can equally be an incredibly useful tool that can free up your time and help you thrive. I have always resisted and although my reasons were valid enough, I think I was only considering it from one perspective. If you make your routines positive, you can use them to to help anchor you in healthy habits.

It's difficult to describe what a freeing realisation this is for me, though it may seem like a logical and even simple one for many. As somebody who constantly overthinks and has been battling mental health issues for as long as I can remember, it could be a revelation that helps me fulfil my potential and provide my family the best life I possibly can. Most importantly to me is the thought that I can be the best version of myself, a positive and more content husband and father.

Stay healthy, stay safe, stay sane, stay inside.

Greg x

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