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As a parent, no matter how much you love your kids you are always looking for a sanctuary. A little area where you can get five minutes to yourself... but when that can also act as a reminder of all the things you are grateful to have in your life and if it's a place you want to share with your family, then you know you have found your home-from-home. That place for me is FINLA Coffee.

I feel like I have found the holy grail of coffee shops, an independent store that is run by people who are passionate not only about amazing coffee, but also about creating a fantastic family friendly atmosphere in which to drink it. Not only that but the care that has gone into the small details, from the decor to the layout and the small touches on the coffee and food make all the difference. I constantly pop in on my own for a quick cup of silky smooth java to restore my sanity as I battle through my teacher training and will often sit down to work with a scrumptious slice of cake or a beautifully crafted toasted ham and cheese sandwich.

Then on many a weekend recently I have stopped in for a lip-smacking breakfast with the whole family. Not only delicious, but also feeling totally relaxed and at home. We have stayed for 2-3 hours, doing a bit of shopping on the Ridgeway and getting the kids a haircut in the salon next door. It's that feeling of local community that is a little bit more rare to find these days, especially in a city.

It was this community feel that actually prompted me to write this blog post. I recently went in on a week day and was offered a free "boob cookie" just before I left. FINLA had just finished hosting an event to raise awareness that they were a breastfeeding friendly cafe. After being incredibly unobservant on my entrance I then looked around to see lots of new mums happily chatting and socialising, one or two still feeding their little ones. Something I don't ever remember seeing at any other establishment I've been to, perhaps there are a few places of course but it's certainly not as common a sight as you would think it should be.

Knowing how much of an issue this can be for some women to find establishments when out and about in which they are comfortable to breastfeed, I felt almost a sense of duty to spread the awareness. I figured it would be useful to combine it with some background information about the place and of course a little self-indulgent catharsis as it is my blog after all...

I am certainly hoping to try the bistro menu one evening soon and perhaps even take in some of the live music if I have the chance. But I can without doubt recommend a visit to absolutely anybody!

Peace and prosperity!


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