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Dadmestic God(ish)

It may not be for some but this is the image that immediately pops into my head when talking about guys doing domestic chores...

Needless to say I've always taken a fairly relaxed approach to housework. I generally have done what needs to be done to get by without living in a pit of filth by keeping the core of clothes I wear respectably clean enough, being able to see the floor and having enough dishes to eat on.

However, something has started to happen in the last month since I became a stay-at-home dad. I have began to develop a growth, a mole or tumour of pride in how clean my carpets are after I vacuum (for example). I refer to it in derogatory terms as it's unsettling and to be honest fairly unwelcome in the fact that it made my teeth itch when my in-laws came down and my little in-progress domestic routine was derailed for just a week!

Kids in their seats for breakfast, load the dishwasher, do the bottles... Hose down the breakfast covered blobs, change bums, get them dressed, find something electronic to occupy them, tidy around them and put them down for their naps... Franticly vacuum, tidy, eat and fit in as many adulting activities as possible before they wake <Ignore the babbling until it becomes more pleading as you become frantic to finish what you can> Then get them up, feed eat, change, occupy and repeat...

<<<DADDY'S DISCLAIMER - Occupy means cuddles, playtime with trains (see above), books, toys, trips to the park, interaction with the doggies, dancing, crafts, messy play, even sometimes water and sand etc... Any neglectful sounding remarks are for "comic" affect only and are not to be taken as literal. No children or animals were harmed during the creation of this blog, thank you!>>>

It started by it simply making my LIFE EASIER! If you are on top of it you can fill the mini pockets of time (naps and temporary TV hypnosis) to do useful little chores that keep the place tidy enough to go safely about your day with ease. Then when you get a decent amount of time when the angels come to take the children - grandparents, friends or alike - for the day, you can actually important boring done (DIY) or even have fun if you're not too tired!

Apparently after all these years there is something to be said for a routine and what that can create in terms of a bit of pride in the homestead, who knew!?!

Home is where the vaguely domestic dad is.!


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