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So it begins! I like to think I am a involved father or at least I try to be. My wife is socially active and independent in her hobbies so I spend a fair amount of time looking after the children on my own, whole weekends at a time on occasion... That is where this all began, an attempt at a humorous way to keep my wife updated via twitter. Now that I am going to look after the kids full-time it seemed like an upgrade was required.

My love of puns, dad jokes and wordplay is at fault for the title and various things that will follow. You may groan as much as my wife at these, but I like to think I amuse her enough that it made her say yes when I proposed. Therefore I am hoping it will have a similar effect on those reading this but to say yes to subscribing instead... what can I say, I'm a dreamer!

Tomorrow is my first official day as a "stay-at-home" dad (I use quotes as I will still be working part-time). My overwhelming feeling is one of excitement, but the GIF is on this post for a reason and we can definitely take something from that. Obviously I know it's going to be incredibly challenging and I have no doubt it will make me respect what my wife has done over the last couple of years even more, if that's possible. So keep an eye out for what is to follow (NOTE: I'm new to blogging so constructive criticism will be welcomed, but please give me a few weeks to get going first).

I have ambitiously signed up to quite a few platforms and will try to tweet, instagram, facebook or alike daily. I hope to blog at least once a week or maybe more if possible, with the odd youtube video here and there too if I can. I will embed or link as much as I can. I will also leave other external links, useful tips and whatever I can think of that is fun or engaging. It of course all depends on the time I have, the response and demand for content.

The main aim of the blog is to help other dads... whether they are stay-at-home, single dads, new fathers or just simply those who would like something amusing to read where they might pick up the odd bit of useful information. Mums of course are more than welcome too and may find it interesting to hear things from the male perspective. I'm hoping it will confuse and amaze, amuse and bemuse, whilst helping me figure some things out too.

I've possibly waffled more than I should, so I'll leave it there and hope that you all come back soon to enjoy what promises to be a rollercoaster of parenting mayhem! Um, in a good way.

Peace and happiness.



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