March 27, 2020

I think milestones like the start of a new decade or even a new year, become less significant to me as time goes by. I was almost unaware of 2020 being the start of a new decade, so the title is kind of a reminder. I felt 2019 finished quite well, I finally got my teaching qualification confirmed and finished a period of medium-term cover at a lovely placement school. I had an interview for a teaching job, which didn't go part...

November 12, 2019

Now, this is a story all about how... Just kidding. I'm not going to start all my blog posts with a version of the Fresh Prince, as tempting as it might be. This is a little tale recounting my (little over) a year of teacher training. Strap in it's a bit all over the place and it doesn't even begin to describe things in enough detail. But hopefully it will give people a little insight into what it was like, perhaps inspiring a...

October 5, 2019

You make all kinds of promises to yourself as a parent and almost inevitably one of those is that you will be more healthy and active. Lets face it, kids are an incredibly joyful energy vacuum and keeping up with them is hard work. A tired parent struggles to summon the energy to do the right things and will sometimes succumb to the "easy option" (it's in quotes because few things are actually easy when you're a new parent). W...

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